Applications & Technologies

The applications for IoT technology are very broad.

Mipot offers a variety of products and solutions that address connectivity across a variety of technologies to setup the most efficient and suitable LPWA.


In addition to the classic applications of RF modules, Mipot has focused on development of IoT protocols in the field of LPWAN = Low Power Wide Area Network.

The technologies that we propose for the wireless connectivity:


Internet of Things is a technology that can connect to the internet without the influence of people and send information collected to users through this internet network to which they are connected.

Can be used for all types of applications ranging from connecting all the devices in your house to create a smart home or even connecting all the government and civic services in a city to create a smart city!

Success Stories

Some important examples of our latest " Success Stories " are reported here to show you where Mipot is actually developing the business and partner cooperation.


Water Sucking Detector System



Smart Lighting Control System



Smart Maintenance Detector System



Waste Management System



Water and Gas Metering Systems



Photovoltaic Solar Tracking System



Mipot Gateway using LoRa technology


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