MiP Series

Ultra Compact and high performance MiP Wireless Communication Modules using LPWAN technologies


The new ultra-low power MiP series

Mipot S.p.A. is proud to have introduced in the global market a new MiP (Mipot IoT Protocols) wireless modules series using the most innovative low power wide area network (LPWAN) protocols. The ultra-low power MiP series is extremely compact, about 1 cm2, featuring LGA pattern technology, with high radio performance and built-in up-to-date IoT stacks.

The wide range of Sub-GHz available frequencies allows the Mip series modules to operate worldwide

The MiP series provides flexibility to your IoT project design and represents a complete solution for the current wireless communication market.
Designed to be deployed globally, the modules support communications in frequency bands used in EuropeUSA, Canada, South AmericaAfrica, Asia, Australia and the Pacific Area.

Main Features

Flexible and Safe


High Radio Performance

The MiP series performs a top radio performance for Europe (+14 dBm) and USA (+20 dBm)


Multi protocols in one single chip  

More than one protocol in one single MiP wireless module like: wM-Bus + LoRaWAN or LoRa + SigFox


LPWAN Protocols

With the same hardware solution you can choose different protocols implemented inside the firmware of the modules like: wM-Bus, LoRaWAN, LoRa, Sigfox, MIoTy


Secure element

Optional hardware secure element and firmware on demand


Built-In-Up-To-Date IOT Stacks

All the wireless communication modules are provided with the last generation of IoT stacks like: LoRaWAN 1.0.4, wM-BUS OMS 4


Worldwide SubGHz Frequency Bands

With this solution can choose the same hardware for different products that can operate with all the worldwide frequencies in use like: 868 MHz for Europe or 915 MHz for USA/Canada.

Prodotti__3 1

Extremely compact solution with Micro on board.

11.30 mm x 8.90 mm

Prodotti__4 1

Standard Peripheral Interfaces : UART, LPUART, SPI, I2C

Prodotti__6 1

Free memory space for custom firmware application

Single Core vs Dual Core

The new MiP Line of Products is made up of two main sections of products.

The first one is using the Single Core chip-set STM32WLE5 from ST Microelectronics and the second one is using the Dual Core chip-set STM32WL55. The two different solutions have a lot of features in common but some differences in performance and use. The main differences are:

  • The Single Core solution is using only one ARM Cortex M4 micro on board. This is used for the radio performance and the firmware is stored inside the internal memories and done by Mipot. If you use the Single Core solution you need to have an external micro-controller to drive the board and communicate with the internal micro-controller by the serial interfaces (SPI, UART, LPUART, I2C).
  • The Dual Core solution is using a Double Core Micro on board that are the ARM Cortex M4 plus the ARM Cortex M0+. The ARM Cortex M0+ is used only for the radio performance and part of the internal memory is used to store the Mipot firmware. The ARM Cortex M4 is for the custom usage to drive and control all the board and the customers can install their own customized firmware in a free memory space that is part of the flash memory.

Dual Core Structure

Dual Core Structure

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