Wireless M-Bus or Wireless Meter-Bus is the European standard (EN 13757-4) that specifies the communication

between utility meters and data loggers, concentrators or smart meter gateways.

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The Wireless M-Bus protocol is mainly used for communication between consumption meters and gateways, as the technology enables remote and wireless readings of meters. Wireless M-Bus can be used for electricity, gas, water, and heat meters. Meters with Wireless M-Bus transmit data to the gateway on a regular basis – typically a few seconds or minutes between each transmission.

The secure and encrypted Wireless M-Bus data can assure reliable billing data to the utility company, as well as near real time visualization data to the user.

The Wireless M-Bus protocol is a low power consumption protocol and is therefore very useful for battery-powered devices that run on batteries. It has a long communication range, which is convenient for meters.

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Wireless M-Bus uses AES-128 encryption that ensures high data security.


Easy-to-deploy. Seamless communication between consumption meters and gateways.

Low Power

Wireless M-Bus requires little energy, which makes the protocol useful for meters that run on batteries.

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