Smart Waste Management System

Smart waste management focuses on solving the solid waste management problems using sensors, intelligent monitoring systems, and mobile applications. The first smart waste management solution to make the waste collection process more efficient is sensors. Sensors can measure the fill level of the containers and provide updated information at any time and notify waste management services to empty them when they are full or almost full. These devices help optimize the best possible route containing fully filled containers and create smart schedules for drivers. The selection of the containers also minimizes the need for trash collection staff because their duties are deduced. They can also alert the waste management companies or municipalities if an undesirable incident happens such as sudden temperature rise or displacement of the container by their GPS feature

IoT solutions for solid waset management problems offer municipalities data intelligence and real-time insights. In that regard, the fill patterns of specific containers can be identified by historical data and managed accordingly in the long term. In addition to hardware solutions, mobile applications are used to overcome the challenges in the regular waste management system, such as keeping track of the drivers while they are operating on the field.

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