Healthcare Monitoring System

Technological evolution in the health sector leads to quality, results and value.

Patients deserve effectiveness and personalisation of services and for this reason it is important to invest in this direction. Digital healthcare is a trend that involves the use of new technologies, precisely to improve the level of assistance while keeping the costs, where it is possible.

Smart healthcare not only means adopting new products and technologies for diagnosis and treatment, but it includes a greater exchange of information among the parties, a more active role of patients during treatment and, finally, a better management of clinical data.

Healthcare is actually smart because thanks to the devices connected to patients (bracelets, watches and more) it is possible to collect data on the health status of patients to take care of them, even remotely, and prevent critical situations.

Healthcare and IoT applied to medicine enable to use objects integrated by sensors that communicate with each other and exchange information. This exchange of information is necessary to prevent illness and diagnose disease in advance.

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